Souffles do have an unfounded reputation for being difficult but in fact as long as you don't open the oven door they couldn't be easier. And if you don't believe it, why not make Delia's twice-baked souffles, designed for souffle scaredy cats?

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Leek, Potato and Cheese SouffléServes 2

Leek, Potato and Cheese Soufflé

As Delia says, this soufflé is an inexpensive way to enjoy something that's quite luxurious. Vegetarians might like to know that a vegetarian parmesan-style cheese is available from Bookhams

Twice-baked Roquefort SoufflesServes 6

Twice-baked Roquefort Souffles

Twice-baked Roquefort Souffles can be made the day before you need them.

Chocolate Souffle Cake with Armagnac Prunes and Crème Fraiche SauceServes 8

Chocolate Souffle Cake with Armagnac Prunes and Crème Fraiche Sauce

This is quite simply my own favourite chocolate dessert of all time. It’s dark, very moist, and the prunes soaked in Armagnac make it a very grown-up chocolate experience. I used to call it Sunken Chocolate Cake but sometimes it doesn’t sink!

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