Snack Recipes

Quick thinking here, proving that a snack can be more alluring than a quick sarnie!

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Open-faced Egg, Anchovy and Shallot SandwichesServes 2

Open-faced Egg, Anchovy and Shallot Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the ultimate quick snack but all too often can be a bit boring. Not so with this recipe, which combines creamy eggs, salty anchovies and the crunch of shallots, garnished with an olive!

Croque MonsieurServes 1

Croque Monsieur

This satisfying snack for one conjures up memories of pavement cafes in Paris for Delia...but you can enjoy it just as much on an autumnal British day.

Open-faced Egg and Bacon SandwichesServes 2

Open-faced Egg and Bacon Sandwiches

My next-door neighbour Dot always keeps me well supplied with delightful home-made grainy brown rolls. As supper at home on Sundays is almost always a snack meal, we love to eat them warmed, halved and buttered, then spread with this yummy egg toppin

TaramasalataServes 8


Whatever happened to real taramasalata? Unfortunately, it has been eclipsed by the counterfeit, pink blancmange-coloured variety that is mass produced. There must be a whole generation who have never tasted the genuine article. Here it is – courtesy

Char-grilled Squid with Chilli JamServes 4

Char-grilled Squid with Chilli Jam

We have a tradition with some close friends that involves always having Easter Sunday lunch at Yetman's restaurant, in Holt in Norfolk, where Alison and Peter Yetman cook and serve my absolute favourite kind of food.

Crostini with Anchovies, Roasted Vegetables and MozzarellaServes 6 as a starter or 3 as a light lunch

Crostini with Anchovies, Roasted Vegetables and Mozzarella

Perfect party nibbles - or a great snack. However you see these, rest assured they will be hugely popular with all who eat them.

Crostini LazioMakes 12, to serve 4-6

Crostini Lazio

These elegant little morsels are simplicity itself to make. Serve them with drinks or as part of a buffet spread...

Cucumber RaitaServes 4

Cucumber Raita

This is a side dish for curries. This idea is that the coolness of the yoghurt and the cucumber will counteract the hotness of the curry and so it does - much more effectively than cold drinks.

Sherry Vinegar and Balsamic DressingServes 4-6; halve the ingredients for 2-3

Sherry Vinegar and Balsamic Dressing

It has to be said that this is always going to be a matter of personal taste according to how much acidity you like and what your preferences are as to flavourings and so on.

Mozzarella in CarrozzaServes 2

Mozzarella in Carrozza

A fantastic variation on the toasted sandwich, or even Croque Monsieur, this is a real Italian treat!

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