Picnic Recipes

The weather forecast's good so why not rustle up some of Delia's pukka picnic food and head for the great outdoors?

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Cold Pressed Ox TongueServes 10-12

Cold Pressed Ox Tongue

Although you can order a pressed tongue from the butcher at Christmas it is usually much nicer home-made – and it's not really much trouble.

Terrine of Venison with Juniper and Pistachio Nuts and Cranberry and Orange CompoteServes 10-12

Terrine of Venison with Juniper and Pistachio Nuts and Cranberry and Orange Compote

This is just about the easiest terrine in the world to make because you can buy the venison and the pork ready minced. The result is a lovely, rough country pâté and the sharpness of the cranberries is the perfect accompaniment.

Baked Sugar-glazed Whole GammonServes 20-25

Baked Sugar-glazed Whole Gammon

For a smaller joint of boned gammon, such as a middle cut weighing 5-6 lb (2.25-2.75 kg), pre-soak and cook in exactly the same way, using half the quantity of glazing ingredients. Calculate 20 minutes per pound (450 g) and glaze during the last 30

Buttermilk Scones with Cheshire Cheese and ChivesMakes 6 scones

Buttermilk Scones with Cheshire Cheese and Chives

Cheese scones can be a bit bland, but here Delia has used tangy Cheshire cheese and peppery chives to add bite and colour. Give them a try - they're perfect for tea!

Barbecued Sardines with Summer Herb SauceServes 4

Barbecued Sardines with Summer Herb Sauce

One of the best things about summer has to be barbecuing - and sardines lend themselves to this method of cooking. Finish them off with a luscious herby sauce for a true taste of the Mediterranean.

Devilled Spare RibsServes 2

Devilled Spare Ribs

These tasty, meaty ribs will be popular with all the family. Serve with rice and salad for a quick and easy midweek supper.

Debbie Owen's Iced TeaServes 6-8

Debbie Owen's Iced Tea

Hot tea suits the fickle British climate but in hot and humid parts of America this gorgeous iced tea reigns supreme. It was given to me by my friend Debbie Owen and is authentic and wonderful!

Pineapple CoolerServes 6-8

Pineapple Cooler

Those who like to use up every bit of food will love this one as it makes use of the pineapple's skin to create a really refreshing summer drink.

Barbecued SweetcornServes 4

Barbecued Sweetcorn

I think this is the nicest way to eat sweetcorn. Even if you don't have a barbecue going, you can still cook it under a pre-heated grill.

Quails’ Eggs with Cracked Pepper and SaltServes 6

Quails’ Eggs with Cracked Pepper and Salt

Easy, elegant and bound to go down a treat with your guests, these little quail's eggs need nothing more than good salt and pepper to give them plenty of party pizazz!

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