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Pork Chops Braised in Milk

There has always been a connection between pigs and the dairy, as when cheese is made, the curds are separated from the whey and the whey is traditionally given to the pigs to flavour the meat. That’s why I think this combination of pork and milk, invented in Italy, goes extremely well.


This recipe is taken from The Delia Collection: Pork


First of all, remove the skin from the chops, then cut a pocket in each one, slipping the knife in the fat side across towards the bone and making a slit about 2½ inches (6 cm) long.

Then combine the chopped parsley and rosemary in a bowl and mix with the crushed garlic and some salt and freshly milled black pepper. Then push about 2 heaped teaspoonfuls of this herb mixture into each pocket. Now heat the butter and oil together in the casserole and fry the chops in 2 batches until nicely browned on both sides; remove the first batch to a plate before you fry the second.

Next, cook the prepared vegetables in the fat remaining in the casserole over a medium heat, stirring occasionally, for 8-10 minutes or until softened and golden, then return the chops, together with any juices, to the casserole. 

Pour in the milk, season, then bring the mixture up to simmering point and bake, uncovered, in the top part of the pre-heated oven for 40-45 minutes, turning them halfway, or until the chops are cooked through and tender.

The milk, by the way, is supposed to coagulate into a sauce. 


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