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Mascarpone Creams with Summer Fruit PureeServes 6

Mascarpone Creams with Summer Fruit Puree

Mascarpone has both a richness and lightness that makes it the ideal ingredient for summery desserts. Add plenty of seasonal berries and you'll be in heaven!

Steamed Raisin Pudding with Port Wine SauceServes 4

Steamed Raisin Pudding with Port Wine Sauce

This lovely steamed pudding is made without sugar - so is ideal for diabetics. The sweet element is provided by the plump raisins, while the sauce adds the finishing touch.

Baked Apples with Pecans and Maple SyrupServes 4

Baked Apples with Pecans and Maple Syrup

Just three ingredients here, but they meld together beautifully to create a simple, yet simply stunning, dessert that has more than a hint of Americana!

Pear CharlotteServes 6

Pear Charlotte

Apple charlotte is an old favourite, but when pears are in season and you've had your fill of poached pears and pears with chocolate sauce, use them to make a charlotte.

Peach and Almond PuddingServes 4

Peach and Almond Pudding

Completely irresistible, this wonderful pudding features a layer of ripe, juicy peaches topped with a cloud of fluffy almond sponge. Pudding heaven!

English Gooseberry Creams with Elderflower and Gooseberry CompoteServes 4

English Gooseberry Creams with Elderflower and Gooseberry Compote

What a wonderful way to use up excess gooseberries! This recipe combines creaminess and a fruity compote to mouthwatering effect.

Rhubarb and Ginger Brûlée Serves 4

Rhubarb and Ginger Brûlée

Rhubarb and ginger has to be a marriage made in heaven. Combine them with a wonderful cream and Greek yoghurt brûlée topped with loads of brown sugar and it really is the food of the gods.

Prune and Armagnac Chocolate LogServes 6-8

Prune and Armagnac Chocolate Log

A flavour of Christmas here - a chocolate log with a wonderful filling of chocolate mousse and prunes in Armagnac. It would also make the most impressive dessert - minus the holly! - at any time of the year.

Melting Chocolate PuddingsServes 8

Melting Chocolate Puddings

These decadent little chocolate fondants, given to Delia by Galton Blackiston at Morston Hall, will elicit plenty of approval from your guests.

Spike's Apple SorbetServes 6

Spike's Apple Sorbet

Sorbets are a brilliant way of cleansing the palate between courses or as a refreshing dessert. This unusual apple version from Delia's friend, chef Galton Blackiston, can't be bettered.

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