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Caramelised Toffee Walnut Tarts with Clotted Cream

These lovely tarts provide an elegant dish to end a meal. Tartlet cases are fiddly and time-consuming to make yourself so why not cheat with good-quality bought ones, available from most supermarkets.

 Caramelised Toffee Walnut Tarts with Clotted Cream

  Serves 4

 4 M&S all-butter tartlet cases
 110g walnut halves (or pieces)
 4 rounded tbsp M&S rich caramel toffee sauce
 chilled clotted cream (to serve)
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This recipe is from Sainsbury's The Magazine 2008


First pre-heat the grill to its highest setting for at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile, warm the toffee sauce in a small pan, or in a microwave bowl.

Place the tartlet cases on a baking tray, then in another bowl combine the walnuts with two thirds of the warmed sauce, tossing them around to get a good coating.

Now spoon these into the tartlet cases and top each one with the rest of the sauce.

Place the tray under the grill 10cm from the heat and watch carefully. Wait until the tarts warm up and the sauce begins to bubble and caramelise (one to two minutes).

Serve warm from the grill with clotted cream.

Note: you can make these in advance and just warm gently before serving.


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