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Chocolate TartletsServes 8

Chocolate Tartlets

We’ve sometimes made this in one large M&S tart case – the choice is yours. Either way, these are very pretty, with a wonderfully glossy surface, but you could give them a dusting of cocoa.

Coffee Ricotta MousseServes 4

Coffee Ricotta Mousse

A variation on the Chocolate Ricotta Mousse recipe, here given quite a dark, adult coffee flavour.

Steamed Malt Loaf Pudding with Rum CustardServes 4-6

Steamed Malt Loaf Pudding with Rum Custard

This does have 2 hours’ steaming, I admit, but it is prepared with a minimum of time and effort.

No-cook Cheesecakes with Caramelised RhubarbServes 4

No-cook Cheesecakes with Caramelised Rhubarb

Without doubt this is one of the easiest ways to produce some brilliant cheesecakes without any of the whisking or cooking and so on. You will have to partly freeze them to firm them up, but even that’s better than all the fiddle.

Fast Fruit BrûléeServes 4

Fast Fruit Brûlée

Now that fruits are blast-frozen and can be stashed away in the freezer, you can make a sublime fast fruit brûlée or pop them under the grill sprinkled with liqueur and sugar and summon up a caramelised fruit dessert any old time. Both recipes serve 4.

Spiced Date and Sesame CrunchiesMakes about 18

Spiced Date and Sesame Crunchies

The original recipe didn’t have sesame seeds, which is an added dimension, and we’re pleased they’re popular with children since they’re so easy to pop into a lunchbox.

English Custard TartServes 6

English Custard Tart

Serve with clotted cream, either warm or, as I actually prefer it, cold.

KaiserschmarrnServes 4


Turn Delia's Basic Pancake recipe into Kaiserschmarrn, a stunning dessert

Crepes SuzetteServes 6

Crepes Suzette

Use a simple recipe for Basic Pancakes, add a few extra ingredients and voila - Crepes Suzette.

Sugared Flowers

Sugared Flowers

You won't believe how easy this is, sugared flowers are an unusual cake decoration, and look stunning. You can see them on Delia's Sachertorte cake recipe.

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