Cheat asian steak sandwiches

Asian Steak Sandwiches

No not bread sarnies.

These are slices of sticky, fragrant marinated steak, served wrapped in lettuce leaves.  Delia's How To Cheat at Cooking was published in 2008 and with time, some ingredients are no longer avilable, but hopefully you will be able to buy an alternative.

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This recipe is from How to Cheat at Cooking. Serves 2

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Chop all the marinade ingredients in a mini-chopper, then empty them into a bowl.

Slice the steak across into thin strips, then add these to the bowl, pushing them down well into the marinade. For the dipping sauce, mini-chop all the ingredients, give them a good burst, then pour into a bowl.

To cook the steak, heat a frying-pan lightly brushed with oil till very hot, then add the strips of steak. Cook for 30 seconds, then flip them over with a fork and spoon (or tongs) and give them another 30 seconds before transferring to a warm serving dish.

To serve: roll up strips of steak, shredded spring onion, cucumber and coriander in the lettuce leaves, swirling them in the dipping sauce - and have plenty of paper napkins handy.

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