Chocolate Recipes

Once you've mastered the art of melting chocolate - see How to Cook section on the site - you are opening yourself up to a world of wonderful chocolate recipes, from chocolate bread-and-butter-pudding to profiteroles and Sachertorte. Who can resist?

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Warm Chocolate Rum Souffles with Chocolate SauceServes 6

Warm Chocolate Rum Souffles with Chocolate Sauce

Light and lovely, these beautiful little souffles have the added attraction of being less likely to collapse than a standard version. Hand round chocolate sauce and cream for even more luxury (not to mention calories!)

Banana and Chocolate Chip SliceMakes 12

Banana and Chocolate Chip Slice

Children and adults alike will love these cakes - perfect for a mid-morning snack or in a lunchbox.

Chocolate, Prune and Armagnac CakeServes 8

Chocolate, Prune and Armagnac Cake

Start this wonderful gluten-free cake a couple of days ahead, then revel in its sheer lightness, due to the lack of flour used.

White Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes with Silver SmartiesMakes 10

White Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes with Silver Smarties

Who can resist one of these? Basic Rice Krispie cakes are given a visual lift with the addition of silver Smarties and silver cupcake cases. They'd be perfect for a tea party.

Squidgy Chocolate Cakes with Prunes in MarsalaServes 4

Squidgy Chocolate Cakes with Prunes in Marsala

A friend challenged Delia to come up with a chocolate cake that was low in fat: this is the luscious result, to make chocolate fans rejoice!

Chocolate Blancmange with Cappuccino SauceServes 8

Chocolate Blancmange with Cappuccino Sauce

So simple: make a custard, add melted chocolate and gelatine. The result – absolute perfection, a good texture, the right amount of wobble and a lovely frothy coffee sauce to pour over.

Frozen Chocolate BananasMakes 12

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Sounds odd, doesn't it? But you'll believe it when you try it. These are truly sensational – better than ice cream or a sorbet. First you bite into crisp frozen chocolate and then meet the beautifully fragrant iced banana. Heaven.

Chocolate Choux BunsMakes 9

Chocolate Choux Buns

These lovely, light, airy choux buns are filled and topped with a squidgy chocolate mousse mixture and coated with chocolate icing and chopped nuts.

Chocolate Bread and Butter PuddingServes 6

Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

Chocolate lovers will be thrilled at this twist on an English's even better if you keep it for a day or so before eating, served with chilled cream.

Home-made Chocolate TrufflesMakes about 36

Home-made Chocolate Truffles

On offer here are the easiest home-made truffles in the world.

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