For many of us, Greek food is our first taste of the exotic, experienced while backpacking around the Greek islands as a student. If this rings true with you, relive the delights of Greek-style squid and real taramasalata among others.

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Char-grilled Squid with Chilli JamServes 4

Char-grilled Squid with Chilli Jam

We have a tradition with some close friends that involves always having Easter Sunday lunch at Yetman's restaurant, in Holt in Norfolk, where Alison and Peter Yetman cook and serve my absolute favourite kind of food.

Vegetarian MoussakaServes 1

Vegetarian Moussaka

A lovely vegetarian recipe for one person...or you could make a batch to freeze some.

Greek Lamb on the Bone with Aubergines and Rice PilauServes 4

Greek Lamb on the Bone with Aubergines and Rice Pilau

Slow-cooking lamb, as in this recipe, intensifies its flavour and makes for very tender meat. Enjoy this Mediterranean-style dish - a real winner when entertaining.

Vegetarian Moussaka with Ricotta ToppingServes 4-6

Vegetarian Moussaka with Ricotta Topping

Yes, it is possible to make an extremely good Greek-style moussaka without meat, and even non-vegetarians will admit it tastes every bit as good. Serve it with a large bowl of crunchy salad along with some warm pitta bread.

Calamares fritos (fried baby squid)serves 2 as a starter or part of a tapas selection

Calamares fritos (fried baby squid)

These are so simple – they take seconds to cook and are good served with Tracklements’ Chilli Jam. I buy mine ready-prepared (still frozen from the fish counter at Waitrose) so I can always have a stash in the freezer.

Greek Lamb baked with Lemon and GarlicServes 4

Greek Lamb baked with Lemon and Garlic

Taken from Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking, it's hard to believe how superb this recipe is when it's so, so easy to make. A handful of ingredients are transformed into a real Greek treat!

Baked Stuffed Cabbage LeavesServes 4-5

Baked Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

This inexpensive dish is a version of the famous Greek dolmades or stuffed vine leaves, given an English twist with minced beef but also true to the Mediterranean with the inclusion of cinnamon, marjoram and rice.

Lamb Chops Baked with AuberginesServes 1

Lamb Chops Baked with Aubergines

A great midweek supper, with everything cooked together. Lamb and aubergines partner each other beautifully, offering more than a hint of Mediterranean flavour.

Hummus Bi TahinaServes 6

Hummus Bi Tahina

If you want to make the proper authentic version of this you'll need to hunt out some tahini paste, which is available at supermarkets and health-food shops.

Feta, Olive and Sun-dried Tomato SconesMakes 12

Feta, Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Scones

These little scones are packed with Mediterranean flavours and are just the thing spread with butter at teatime. Alternatively, enjoy them with soup or other lunchtime foods.

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