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Roasted Stuffed Apples with Thyme and Parsley

This is the perfect accompaniment to Classic Roast Pork with Crackling, as the acidity of the apples offsets the richness of the pork perfectly.



About half an hour before the end of the cooking time of the pork, prepare the apples. First of all in a small basin mix the sausage meat, chopped parsley and thyme and add a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Using a potato peeler or an apple corer, remove the core from the apples then cut out a little more apple with a sharp knife to make the cavity slightly larger. Now divide the sausage meat mixture into 8. Then roll each portion into a sausage shape and fit that into the cavity of each apple. There will be some at the top that won't go in, so just pat that into a round neat shape. Now make a small incision around the central circumference of the apple. Brush each one with melted butter and insert a little sprig of thyme on top. Place the apples on a baking tray. Then when the pork comes out of the oven, pop the apples in to roast for about 25 minutes.

NOTE: If you're using the oven for roast potatoes and turning the heat up when the pork is cooked, the apples will cook quite comfortably on a lower shelf at the higher temperature.


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Classic Roast Pork with Crackling and Roasted Stuffed Apples with Thyme and Parsley Serves 8

Classic Roast Pork with Crackling and Roasted Stuffed Apples with Thyme and Parsley

A true feast is on offer here - perfect for a large Sunday lunch gathering. The pork yields plenty of crackling and the tart flavours of the stuffed roasted apples provide the perfect complement to the meat.




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