Chopsticks at the ready! Delia's recipes for Chinese food include a wonderful crispy beef stir-fry, plus stir-fried chicken and prawns - one of the healthiest cooking methods on earth and a brilliant way to up your veg intake.

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Chinese Stir-fried RiceServes 4

Chinese Stir-fried Rice

The most important point to remember if you want to fry rice successfully is that it must be cooked but cold, so you must cook the rice ahead and then allow it to cool completely. I have used authentic Chinese ingredients here

Hung Shao pork with steamed greens and fragrant riceServes 2

Hung Shao pork with steamed greens and fragrant rice

Perfect for Chinese New Year, you won’t believe how easy this is and how wonderful it tastes. You don’t have to eat the skin on the pork, but its gelatinous properties are very important to the flavour of the finished dish.

Singapore Stir-fried NoodlesServes 2

Singapore Stir-fried Noodles

Flavour, texture, colour…this South-East Asian classic has it all! Delia was given the recipe by one of China's most legendary restaurateurs, so we just know it is authentic and terrific.

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