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Vegetarian menu for 4


Wonderful celery soup, superb winter vegetable pie and the most amazingly easy dessert ever... even meat eaters will want to try this menu!



Cream of Celery Soup 
Originally, the older varieties of so-called 'dirty' celery from the flat, black-earthed Fenlands of East Anglia had a short season - from October to January. If you're lucky enough to find some to use in this soup, there is much washing to do, but the flavour is exceptional, particularly after a light frost, when it's sweetest of all. 

Main course


Winter Vegetable Pie with a Parmesan Crust 
I like to serve this homely pot pie with creamy mashed potato. You can vary the vegetables and use other roots, such as swede or parsnips.



Baked Apple and Almond Pudding 
Since this recipe was given to me many years ago by the proprietor of the Sign of the Angel in Laycock, it has become really popular with readers, as I know from their many letters



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