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Something different for 4


Scallops make a luxurious starter in this menu, while venison provides a warming, fragrant and very inviting supper dish. To finish, there's an unusual dessert, Irish coffee pudding.


Scallops in the Shell
This, if I say it myself, is very classy, and I promise no-one will guess there’s a very subtle cheat going on. Just get hold of a tub of Tesco fresh chilled cheese sauce, and the rest is a doddle.

Main course


Pot-roasted Venison with Shrewsbury Sauce 
As the title suggests, this is a warming, fragrant and very inviting supper dish that will do wonders to cheer up the long winter nights. Serve it with clouds of fluffy mashed potato which will absorb the sublimely good sauce.



Irish Coffee Pudding 
If you're having a dinner party and want to serve a lighter alternative to something rich, then this is a good bet. You can, of course, use Scotch whisky or brandy instead of Irish whiskey. What you finish up with is in fact an old-fashioned honeycomb mould which separates into layers as it sets.



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