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A retro feast for 8


Yum - prawn and avocado cocktail, classic roast pork with roasted stuffed apples and individual pecan pies. We know you'll love this moreish menu!


Avocado with Prawns or Prawn and Avocado Cocktail
This is an amazingly brilliant cheat and absolutely everyone adores it. Piled into halved, ripe avocados sitting on a bed of crisp lettuce or spooned on a bed of chopped lettuce and diced avocado. Either way it's ace. 

Main course


Classic Roast Pork with Crackling and Roasted Stuffed Apples with Thyme and Parsley
This recipe is for loin of pork which provides maximum crackling, but the butcher must chine it for you - that is, loosen the bone yet leave it attached, so that it can eventually be cut away to make carving easier.
served with

Roasted Stuffed Apples with Thyme and Parsley 
This is the perfect accompaniment to Classic Roast Pork with Crackling, as the acidity of the apples offsets the richness of the pork perfectly.



Individual Pecan Pies 
Once on a holiday in New England, I found it very hard to order any dessert other than pecan pie. Since then I have loved to try out all the different variations of this classic - and this one here achieves, I feel, just the right degree of moist stickiness.



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