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A hearty menu for 8


Vegetable mulligatawny from Delia's favourite cookery writer Eliza Acton, scrumptious chicken feuilletes (which would also make a wonderful family supper) and an unusual Italian-inspired cake for dessert. The feuilletes serve 4, so for 8 people you'll have to double the recipe. 



Eliza Acton's Vegetable Mulligatawny 
Eliza Acton is one of my favourite cookery writers and this is a recipe that I adapted from her cookery book, which was published in 1840.

Main course (recipe x 2)


Chicken Feuilletes 
This is good, homely, comfort food but, served in individual portions, it's elegant enough to serve at a supper party. It's also incredibly easy to make, especially if you use fresh or frozen bought puff pastry. 


Polenta and Ricotta Cake with Dates and Amaretto 
This is a very unusual cake, quite different in flavour and texture from anything else. It's Italian in origin and polenta (cornmeal) gives it a sandy texture, while at the same time ricotta cheese and Amaretto liqueur give a wonderful moistness. It also freezes very well, but as you won't have any left over you might as well make two - it's so dead easy!



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