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The Big Freeze - cool thinking...



Those who love to cook for the freezer will enjoy this latest offering from Delia Online. All the recipes have been assessed to see if they can be frozen or not. If they can, we give you detailed notes on freezing, defrosting and reheating; if they can't we tell you.

Everything from A-Z
Click on a link to view all recipes, with their freezing notes, in that section.

Recipes A-B
Recipes C-E
Recipes F-K
Recipes L-N
Recipes O-Q
Recipes R-S
Recipes T-V
Recipes W-Z


How to get it right every time!

Click on the link to find out which foods freeze well, and which don't, how to do it safely and for the best results, and how to defrost and thaw your frozen foods.

Freezing Advice

Freezing info arranged by food type...

We've also added links to the recipes and arranged them by category, which allows you to go directly to a type of food - meat, soup, vegetarian etc, useful if you can't remember an exact recipe title. 

Chicken and other poultry
Rice-based dishes
Vegetable dishes
Vegetarian food
Lunches, starters etc
Rice-based dishes
Pasta and noodles
Pizza and gnocchi
Sauces, stocks and accompaniments
Pickles and preserves
Game and offal
Egg-based dishes
Cakes and biscuits


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