Wine for the prepare-ahead menu


WI098-roast-red-peppersRoasted red peppers, grapes and summer fruits are all quite acidic ingredients, to you will need to choose a wine with quite a high level of acidity so that it isn’t overpowered by the food, or clashes with it. 

 With this menu, you can go down the classic Sauvignon Blanc route or match the salads and fruity summer pudding with a gentle German Riesling. The choice is yours...

Sauvignon Blanc is the classic wine to serve with tomatoes, peppers and other acidic ingredients, so you would do well to choose this wine with the starter and main course. It is also quite a ‘grassy’ wine, as is Verdelho, so would stand up well to tarragon and basil in the main course dishes. Alternatively, opt for Riesling, which is fruity enough to complement salads and would also go well with Summer Pudding.

If you prefer red, a light Beaujolais or French rose would be a refreshing match, as would a light, fruity Grenache or Zinfandel.

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