Wine for the barbecue menu


Flavourful barbecue food demands robust wines. Here are our choices...

This barbecue menu, typically, is full of robust flavours and a range of ingredients, from salty feta and halloumi cheeses to acidic roasted tomatoes, lemon meringue ice cream and summer fruits. If you opt for white, something from Southern France would be a good bet, as the intensity of the sun there makes for a more potent wine.

Sauvignon Blanc is the classic white with this type of food – although an Alsace Riesling would be a good complement to feta and halloumi cheeses, or you could choose a more assertive, creamy Chardonnay. If you plump for red, match the food’s strong flavours with a robust Merlot, Grenache, Carignan or Syrah. Again, New World wines or bottles from Languedoc-Roussillon or Southern Italy, such as Primitivo, laden with spicy, herby flavours, would be a good choice.



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