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Delia describes Chilled Spanish Gazpacho as a 'truly beautiful soup', and if you make it with ripe, flavourful ingredients you can see why. Prepare it ahead for easy entertaining in this menu for 6; the dessert, too, can be made well in advance, then all you have to do is grill or barbecue the pork for a taste of the Caribbean.



 Chilled Spanish Gazpacho 

This is a truly beautiful soup for serving ice-cold during the summer and it's particularly refreshing if we're lucky enough to have hot weather. However, please don't attempt to make it in the winter as the flavourless imported salad vegetables will not do it justice.


Main course


 Marinated Pork with Jerk Seasoning and Grilled Pineapple Salsa

In the Caribbean, jerk seasoning comes either wet or dry. The latter is made with dried herbs, which I don't usually have available, so this is the wet version – great for a barbecue or just plain-grilled.




Fresh Peaches Baked in Marsala with Mascarpone Cream

This combination of fresh, ripe peaches and the luscious flavour of Marsala wine makes a supremely good summer dessert that has the added advantage of being made well in advance.


Which wine? Here are our suggestions to serve with this menu 

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