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Sophisticated salmon and a divine rhubarb cheesecake for 6!


This gorgeous menu for 6 is full of spring eating, with wonderful Salmon and Sorrel Creams to start with, followed by chicken stuffed with cheese and chives, then a rhubarb cheesecake that we guarantee will become a family favourite!



Baked Salmon and Sorrel Creams

The sharp, almost lemony flavour or sorrel leaves contrasts beautifully with fresh salmon. Supermarkets sell them now, but if they're not available young spinach leaves or even outer lettuce leaves can be used instead. 

Main course


Crisp-fried Chicken Breasts with Melting Cheese and Chives

The cheese you use for this can vary. It is lovely with a mild and crumbly cheese, such as Lancashire or Wensleydale, but if you prefer a highly flavoured cheese, try a mature Cheddar. It is good served with a green salad with lots of watercress in it.




Rhubarb Cheesecake

If you can't get hold of curd cheese for this, cottage cheese will do but it must be sieved first.




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