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Vegan diets


If you think a vegan diet is restricted and boring, we will prove you wrong! We have examined all the recipes on the site and found more than 100 that are suitable, sometimes with a little moderation, for those who eschew all animal products.

Vegans eat no animal products, which can mean a rather limiting diet, particularly when you look at many recipe books and websites, replete with meat, fish, cheese, milk and poultry.

However, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Vegan Society (see link below), we have looked at the recipes on Delia Online and have compiled a full range of more than 100 recipes suitable for vegans, including Mashed Black-eyed Beancakes with Ginger Onion Marmalade and Jacket Potatoes (left). In some cases, these recipes include butter and cream, so you would have to try using a vegan alternative and we cannot guarantee you would get the same results. You can, of course, also substitute non-vegan ingredients in other Delia recipes, but please bear in mind that we haven’t tested these.

One area that vegans need to be mindful of is nutrition: if you are not eating fish, meat, chicken and eggs, you need to replace this protein with pulses, bread, grains, seeds, nuts, potatoes and soya products. Similarly, good vegan sources of calcium are soya milk, tofu, sesame seeds, leafy vegetables, nuts, bread and dried fruit.

For iron-rich foods, choose fortified bread, cereals, pulses, nuts, dried fruit, green vegetables and dark chocolate. Fortified products, such as margarine, spreads and cereals are also useful sources of vitamins B12 and D. To ensure you are getting enough vitamin A from your diet, eat lots of yellow and orange fruit and veg, as well as fortified margarine and spreads.

It's also worth remembering that you can buy vegan ingredients and products. See the websites mentioned below or visit your local healthfood shop for more details.

On the subject of alternative ingredients, the Vegan Society says: 'Sainsbury's does an excellent vegan cream cheese in their Free From range as well as an excellent natural yoghurt from Alpro. A 50:50 mix of these is the ultimate healthier, please-everybody alternative to crème fraîche. Sainsbury's vegan mayo is also useful – a large spoonful of this is a good alternative to egg in recipes (obviously avoid garlic-flavoured mayo in dessert recipes).

Delia's vegan recipes:

Pasta and noodles 
Pulses and beans 
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