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Can't eat nuts, dairy, wheat or eggs?


If you have to avoid nuts, dairy produce, eggs, wheat or are a vegan, you'll know how difficult it can be to find recipes you want to eat! To help, we have identified which of Delia's recipes are suitable for each of these food intolerances. And, as if that wasn't enough, you can pick up lots of useful information and tips to make life easier along the way.

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Delia's egg-free recipes
Delia's vegan recipes
Delia's dairy-free recipes 
Delia's nut-free recipes 
Delia's wheat- and gluten-free recipes  

No more nuts

Nut allergy is a complex issue but we've cracked it! Here's a guide to what to shell out on and what to avoid - with some surprising results. 

All about nut allergies

Egg and dairy intolerance

Mayonnaise, meringues and hollandaise may be no-nos, but there are hundreds of recipes on the site that you can enjoy. Find out more. 

Egg-free diets

Wheat- and gluten-free diets 

You'll be pleased to learn that we've got 300 wonderful wheat- and gluten-free recipes on the site, plus the lowdown on ingredients you should avoid - not all of them obvious. 

Wheat and gluten intolerance
Coeliac disease and wheat and gluten intolerance


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