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Many people who live alone may think it not worth bothering with a dessert, but frankly you'd be mad to miss out on these. All are easy to make and completely delicious!


Michael's Mango Fool

I happen to love the taste of fresh mangoes on their own. But as my husband rightly points out, you very often find the mango has ripened beyond the point where it can be decently served as a fruit. So, on those occasions, this is what he does with them. 


Individual Bread-and-Butter Pudding

The traditional recipe for this age-old favourite can be adapted for one person. With the quantities below it works best in a 4 inch (10 cm) diameter ramekin.


Butterscotch Bananas

This is a lovely sticky sauce just made for bananas, especially if you serve it hot, poured over bananas and ice-cream. 


Individual creme caramel

This is a one-person portion (a man-sized portion almost!). It is possible, I've discovered, to cook it on top of the stove, but I've come to the conclusion that it's less bother in the oven. 


Chocolate Mocha Mousse

I think if you're going to make a mousse for yourself then you deserve to get plenty of flavour from it, and this one certainly offers that! 


Raspberry shortcake crumble

This is what I suppose I should call a 'master recipe' as it can be varied in endless ways. But raspberries are perhaps the nicest filling. 


Poached Pear in Caramel Sauce 

This makes just the right-sized, and most attractive, sweet for one. This idea also works very well with a poached peach.


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