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Cooking for One



Preparing a meal for yourself can be just as rewarding, not to mention delicious, as cooking a banquet. All you need is Delia's know-how, a new approach to shopping, cooking and eating and these forty fabulous single-serving recipes.

Delia on shopping for one, and equipment
Storecupboard essentials

Cashel Blue Soufflé Omelette
Croque Monsieur
A Soufflé Omelette with Three Cheeses and Chives
Jacket Potatoes
Slimmers' Scrambled Eggs
Stilton Soufflé Omelette


Singly the best!

Who needs takeaways? Delia's snacks, lunches, starters and desserts are so good you'll want to cook every day. 

The light fantastic 
Treat yourself! 



The main event

Delia's main courses for one include chilli, pasta, steaks, paella, chicken and curry and they can all be scaled up when friends need feeding, too.

Substantially good food

Two's company

These recipes for two will come in handy when friends drop in, you want to freeze some food or you simply want to make something to feed yourself for two days running...

Meals for two




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