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Wine ideas for the Cold-weather Comfort menu


Grilled Polenta with Sage, Ham and melted Fontina Cheese

Luxury Fish Pie with Rosti Caper Topping

A Compote of Figs in Marsala Wine with Mascarpone Mousse 

WI050 Luxury Fish Pie RostiThe grilled polenta starter is relatively mild in flavour, so any medium-bodied red or gentle white would be a good match: try a Beaujolais or unoaked Chardonnay. Luxury fish pie, again, would work well with Chardonnay, but this time lightly oaked as the flavours in the fish pie are more assertive. Viognier would also be good. With the dessert, you could do no better than drink a small glass of Marsala. If you want a sweet wine, go for a Sauternes.




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