Successful autumn entertaining


Autumn is a great time of year for supper party with friends, or something more formal as Christmas approaches. Follow our tips and your evening is bound to be a success! 

cloved orangeConcentrate on seasonal vegetables and fruits: although most things are available all year round, produce has the most flavour – and should be more readily available – in its own season. Take a look at In Season on the website for guidance.

Remember that hearty casseroles and stews can be filling, so try to balance this with a lighter starter and/or dessert.

Don’t despair that summer flowers have gone. For table arrangements, incorporate seedheads, dried fruits such as rosehips, leaves and autumnal flowers such as dahlias – now at the height of fashion again! If you have a glass-topped table, you can press leaves underneath for a timely look.

As with flowers, dress your table in autumnal tones, such as warm rusts, yellows, oranges and reds. It will lend a great deal of warmth, especially if the room is lit with candles.

If serving pumpkin soup or risotto, use the hollowed-out pumpkin as a bowl. 

pumpkinsIf you are planning a Halloween party, arrange a series of pumpkins and squashes in a bowl instead of flowers. You can find orange, green and yellow varieties.

Although salads may suggest summer, look on the site for Delia’s delightful versions, such as pear and walnut salad with Roquefort croutons.

If you have an open fire, try adding some orange peel and cinnamon to it for a scented room. Also, look out for room sprays that contain these scents. 

H1174 Jacket PotatoesPerfect your side dishes. There is plenty of guidance in the “How to” section of Cookery School on how to prepare perfect rice, mashed potato and pasta. And, if you are nervous about casseroles, follow Delia’s step-by-step techniques.

Delia's step-by-step techniques for over 60 methods

Autumn cries out for rich red wine and, for parties, mulled wine or cider. Take advantage of our brilliant wine offers on the site: see our special offers page.

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