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Rich pickings


This menu probably isn't the one to choose if you're on a diet, but we all need a treat now and then and this meal for 8 is really indulgent.



Terrine with Three Cheeses 

This is a real winner: a light terrine made with three luscious Italian cheeses – ricotta, buffalo Mozzarella and Gorgonzola Piccante. It's perfect for a first course for eight people, or I like to serve it as a light lunch, with a green leaf salad and some walnut bread.

Main course


Coq au Vin

A truly authentic coq au vin is made, obviously, with a cock bird, and some of the blood goes into the sauce which, by the time it reaches the table, is a rich, almost black colour. In Britain we make a less authentic adaptation, but it makes a splendid dinner-party dish.



Chocolate-crunch Torte with Pistachios and Sour Cherries 

This is the easiest chocolate recipe ever invented – I first made a more basic version on children's television. Since then it's got much more sophisticated, but the joy of its simplicity and the fact that no cooking is required make it a real winner for busy people. 

Wine ideas for this menu 
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