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Cold-weather comfort


Grilled polenta, luxury fish pie and figs in Marsala will keep the cold out! Treat 6 friends to this marvellous menu which is full of irresistible flavour.


Grilled Polenta with Sage, Ham and Melted Fontina Cheese (recipe x 3) 

Ready-made polenta is a great product and now very widely available. In this recipe you will be able to create a supremely good first course for six or light lunch for two in what seems like only moments.

Main Course


Luxury Fish Pie with Rosti Caper Topping 

This is a perfect recipe for entertaining and wouldn't need anything to go with it other than a simple green salad. The fish can be varied according to what's available as long as you have 2¼ lb (1 kg) in total.


A Compote of Figs in Marsala Wine with Mascarpone Mousse 

Figs are at their best in autumn and, even if they're not squidgy enough to eat straight, they still respond beautifully to light poaching. In this recipe they impart their flavour to mingle with a sweet Marsala wine. Serve them with the lightest mascarpone mousse and it's heaven on earth!


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