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The roast reigns supreme!


wi149-roastpotatoes02-22247Curry has long been a favourite in homes across the UK, being regarded as more popular than traditional British feasts including fish and chips and pies. But the tables have turned; a recent survey by Asda reveals that a roast dinner is now the nation’s most loved meal.

Apparently more than 1 in 3 people in the UK (37%) prefer a roast dinner, with classic steak and chips (13%) taking second place over the likes of fish and chips roast-chicken-26883 (9%), lasagne (6%) and the adopted national dish, curry (11%).

This eating trend has been reflected in meat sales which, at Asda, have risen by 18% on this time last year. Pork has been massively popular in Scotland, where sales are up 245%; lamb has hit the spot in Kent with 33% growth, chicken is generally up by 10%, but up by 57% in Northern Ireland, while beef sales have risen by 33% on last year in North Yorkshire and Humberside.

So, which of Delia’s roasts do you fancy for Sunday lunch next week?


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