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Doubling your Donations with UK Aid


The current Street Child fundraising campaign, supported by Delia Online has now closed, and it has been a tremendous success. Final details of the amounts raised are being completed and this amount will then be matched by the government, who will match pound for pound the amount raised by public donations.

The Every Child in School appeal aims to raise funds for children in Sierra Leone and Liberia who are being denied their basic right to education. In just three months, with your help, Street Child aimed to raise enough funds to give a minimum of 5,000 of the world’s most vulnerable children the chance to go to school.

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It costs as little as £30 a year to send a child to school in the countries where Street Child is working. The charity is committed to ensuring that your funds go as far as possible by tackling five specific barriers that are preventing a child from going to school:

  • Poverty
  • Stigma & Marginalisation
  • Lack of Schools
  • Lack of teachers
  • Gender inequality

This means that once the donations are matched by the government:

  • £25 can give a family a business grant and training that will help permanently lift them out of poverty.
  • £25 also pays for a social worker to help a child to mend a family relationship.
  • Just £7.50 is enough to pay a village teacher for a month, who can help hundreds of children gain an education.
  • £1000 allows Street Child to help a rural community build a ‘first-ever’ basic school.
  • £10 is enough to help an illiterate teenage girl to learn to read and write.

There’s never been a more valuable time to support Street Child’s work, and so Tom Dannatt and his team at Street Child would like to thank all of the people who supported this campaign.

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