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Spanish food: very Moorish


PaellaSpain's a country full of colour and heat, so it's not surprising that its cuisine is equally dynamic and flavourful. Try Delia's Iberian recipes, find out where to buy -pimentón- and chorizo, read about the best rice to use for Paella, and discover which Spanish island Delia returns to again and again...

Seville oranges 
Smoked pimenton or paprika

Flamenco flavours

Delia has recreated the magic of classic Spanish dishes such as paella, gazpacho, tortilla and, of course, Chicken Basque. 

Spanish mains 

Treasures from the sea

Delia travelled to Basque Spain to find out about the anchovy, a fish that's been prized since classical times and enjoys just a 10-week season.

Travels with Delia 

Delia in Deia

In this diary extract, Delia explains why, for her, Majorca is the best island in the Mediterranean for a relaxing holiday full of sunshine, birdsong and good food. 

A Majorcan idyll

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