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Delia Online range of Bakeware


In the video above, Simon Silverwood (of Alan Silverwood Ltd.) takes us inside his Birmingham factory to explain how he worked with Delia to create her new range of bakeware.

The predominant reason for causing cake recipes to fail is using the wrong sized tins.

The tin sizes Delia used when she wrote her first Book of Cakes published in 1977 were no longer sold when she published her Baking Collection in 2005, and so she re-tested them using different sized tins. Now, in 2013 those tins are no longer around.

So how can Delia guarantee perfect results with her recipes?

Taking matters in to her own hands she has teamed up with British manufacturer Alan Silverwood Ltd to create her own range of tins. In this range, there is the correct sized tin for every recipe in Delia’s Cakes.

Alan Silverwood Ltd is a family firm established in 1966, their distinctive range of bakeware is all made in their Birmingham factory, is of high quality and will last a lifetime. So rather than buying cheap imported cake tins, why not buy British and see for yourself?

Below we have a list of stockists for the Delia Online range, so you can find one in your area.

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