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Delia’s own range of bakeware!


Delia bakeware range/Silverwood tinsFor the first time in her career Delia has helped to create a range of British bakeware, which has been designed to provide all that is needed for perfect baking.

Delia and the team at our newly-created Deliaonline Cookery School, which launches at the end of February, have joined forces with British manufacturer, Alan Silverwood Ltd to create a new range of 12 items of bakeware that not only fit Delia’s recipes but will also last a lifetime in the kitchen. 

Initially the new Deliaonline Silverwood Bakeware and Bake-O-Glide™ range will only available through 500 local independent stockists for a short period of time, followed by larger stores and outlets.  Customers will be able to select items from the range, or purchase the whole collection as a gift, making it a perfect present for a wedding.  When the 500 small stores have the range in stock we will have the full list available on Delia Online, so keep checking back for the most up to date information.

Silverwood is a long established small family firm, based in Birmingham where every member of staff takes pride in the products they create by hand. The special finish of the Silverwood bakeware means they actually improve with use and they are the perfect investment for keen cooks and newcomers to baking. To complement the new bakeware from Silverwood,  Delia has also joined forces with another British business, Falcon Products Ltd. with the launch of a specially produced new range of Bake-O-Glide™ cake tin liners, which will be in silver and have been specially designed to fit the new Deliaonline bakeware range.

This new collection was created after many frustrating years when Delia says she had to constantly re-jig cake recipes when the required tin sizes became no longer available.

“More often than not cake recipes fail when people are not using the correct tin for the mixture they have made. A classic sponge cake mixture using two eggs and a 115g mixture needs an 18cm tin while three eggs and 175g mixture demands a 20cm tin. Another key point is they need to be 4cm deep to encourage the cake to rise properly. We have taken the stress out of sourcing the right tins with this new collection and we are delighted to be in partnership with Silverwood which is such a high quality British manufacturer,” Delia explained.

Delia Bakeware range/Bake-o-Glide linersThe Silverwood name has been synonymous with high quality bakeware for many years and a demonstration of how much care goes into making the tins will be available to view on Delia Online later this month.

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