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Silver Platter


Paula Pryke Silver Platter Make this a super-cool yule with fresh flowers, crisp table linen, sparkling glass and gleaming silver accessories.

You will need: 

1 Savoy cabbage
vegetable knife
paper or a board
disposable gloves 


silver spray paint
¼ block of floral foam
10-12 ‘Akito’ white roses 


paula pryke - silver platter decoration picture 11. First you need to remove the middle of the Savoy cabbage – use the vegetable knife to cut out a square by working through the layers.

paula pryke - silver platter table decoration pict 2. Put the cabbage on the paper or the board and, wearing disposable gloves, spray all over with silver paint. Leave to dry for several hours. Meanwhile, cut the floral foam in half with the knife, the, 10 minutes before you’re ready to continue, soak in cold water. 

paula pryke - silver platter decoration picture 33. Put the soaked halves of foam into the hole in the cabbage. Use the knife to shave the top corners of the foam to make it easier to push the roses in at an angle. 

paula pryke - silver platter table decoration  4. Cut the rose stems so they are about 2 in (5cm) in length. Push the roses into the foam starting at the centre and gradually moving outward. If you keep the foam moist this arrangement should last for several days.

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