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Shop Watch with Rose Lloyd

Rose Lloyd

Don’t you wish that someone would let you know where to find some of the best products that are around at the moment? Not only ingredients but other great products in our stores, garden plants that are not only cheap but of fabulous quality; kitchen utensils that are indispensable; cookware that is chosen for its performance; packaging that is unique.

My column is a very personal look at what I think are the best things around and may be very eccentric. But it is my little black book of things I would recommend to friends. My Shop Watch.

July 2015

Bean Slicer
John Lewis, Lakeland

Krisk green bean slicer

It cuts runner beans professionally

This is one of those little kitchen gadgets that becomes indispensable. A friend of mine, who is a wonderful cook and chef, puts it in his top 5 of kitchen gadgets. It tops and tails the beans and then cuts them professionally with the outer stringy parts falling away. You are left with beautiful thinly cut beans ready for cooking. And not only do they look perfect but they all cook at the same speed, which makes for tender and tasty runner beans.

There is a knack to using the gadget. Firstly you need to lever the funnel out and put the bean in crosswise (I initially tried putting it in the wrong way!). You then push the bean quite hard through the sharp cutters and pull it out the other side. (There are instructions on the packet.) Another tip is to cut the runner beans in half first which makes it much easier. All this sounds complicated but it isn’t. It takes only a small amount of time before it becomes a speedy process. My friend says he can prepare 2 kilos of beans in 10 minutes - I am aiming to do the same.

Buy now for the runner bean season.

Product Details:
Krisk green bean slicer

John Lewis
Tel: 03456 049 049

Tel: 015394 88100
Check stock is available before visiting your local store, to avoid a wasted journey.

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Rose Lloyd, an accomplished cookery writer and friend of our website, has agreed to be out and about on our behalf and then inform us what are really good quality items to go for. This means a great deal to me personally as over the years I have witnessed some truly wonderful ingredients that get delisted because not enough people know about them. Smaller suppliers are often ousted by the big guys who have the marketing match clout but often inferior products.


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