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Collection of five spices used in Delia’s Cakes and in the Delia Online Cookery School


There is nothing more annoying than buying a rather expensive jar of spices, only to find when you next use it, it has gone way past its sell by date and has absolutely no oomph left to it.

These days Delia only uses spices from Seasoned Pioneers, not only are they high quality, they are packed in foil packs to shield them from the light, the packs are resealable – and you can buy them online!

The really great news though, is that they have made a special collection of the five spices you will need to make the recipes used in Delia’s Cakes and the Delia Online Cookery School. Fairtrade Organic Ground Ginger, Fairtrade Organic Nutmeg Kernels, Fairtrade Organic Ground Cinnamon, Ground Clove Buds and Mixed Pudding Spice

Buy your Delia Online Cookery School spices here

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