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Let's get techy! What's an RSS feed and why you should have one...


Have you noticed the small orange box that sits next to Recipes of the Week, What should you be cooking this month? and What's In Season? This is an icon used on many sites on the web which shows you that you can set up an RSS (which stand for Really Simple Syndication) feed for these sections of information, enabling you to access up to date content on Delia Online without having to load up all the sites you are interested in each day to check for new information. This can provide you with updates on changes to the site which means if there is something new of interest to you in the feed you can choose to come direct to the site from the link for your specific need.

Different browsers offer different ways of accessing your rss feed 'subscriptions' when you click on the orange button and there are a number of popular web-based aggregators which include:

Google Reader <>r (*

My Yahoo

alternatively you can download other RSS aggregators by visiting

When you have set this up each time you see the RSS icon on a web site you can click it (subscribe to the feed) and have the content you are interested in on any site fed into your RSS account on an ongoing basis to enable you to access and read in one convenient place, rather than having to cruise from site to site to look for updates or subscribe to multiple e-mail notification systems.

When you go to your aggregator, choose to add a new feed, and paste the link in the space provided. The aggregator will then recognise this as a feed that you want to subscribe to. Some aggregators provide the ability to organize your feeds into categories, which will be helpful should you subscribe to a lot of them.


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