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The Red Nose Supper Party Plan


Delia created a collection of recipes back in 1997 made up of fabulous food which could be made very quickly. Why not recreate her menu for this year’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day and invite your friends round for supper, charging them £1 per course. You could charge extra for additional vodka shots in their Bloody Mary Soup. You could get them to tip you for your service. Encourage your guests to tell jokes while you’re eating, and add a pound for every time they crack shockingly old gags.  


 Bloody Mary Soup

Goat’s Cheese, Onion and Potato Bread 

maple-chicken01-23669 Oven-baked chicken in maple barbecue sauce 

Very red rice 

Toffee fudge bananas with toasted nuts 

If you want to give a supper party for your friends, Delia has tried to make it easier for you by working out a time plan. This won’t keep you occupied all the time but it will enable you to waft through it all without any worry. And in between you’ll have time to have a shower, set the table, pour yourself an aperitif and clear up as you go….

5pm First switch the grill on. Then prepare the coffee fudge bananas, cover and place them in the fridge. After that grill the nuts, but please don’t leave them or they might burn!

5.15pm Now prepare the first stage of the chicken, cover with a cloth and leave it in a cool place. Then mix all the sauce ingredients in a jug and keep it aside till later.
5.45pm You now need to switch on the over to gas mark 5, 375˚F, 190˚C, and then make the bread.
6pm Now the bread goes in the oven for 40-45 minutes. Meanwhile you can set the table, prepare the ingredients for the rice, make the Bloody Mary soup and leave it ready in a pan to heat.
6.20pm Take a break till…
6.45pm Take the bread out of the oven and turn the heat up to gas mark 6, 400˚F, 200˚C,.
6.50pm Pop the chicken into the oven on the highest shelf, hen put the rice on to cook.
7pm If you like you can now take a shower or listen to The Archers.
7.15pm Now hike the ckicken out of the oven, drain off the fat, pour the sauce over and pop back in the oven.
7.25pm Baste the chicken.
7.30pm Turn the heat our under the rice and leave it still covered.
7.35pm Baste the chicken again.
7.40pm Now the chicken is ready. Turn the oven off and take the chicken out. Then pop the bread back in to warm, along with the plates and serving dishes.
7.50pm Dinner is served! Don’t forget to garnish the soup with crème fraiche, watercress and celery soup. Don’t forget to put the spring onions on the rice. And please don’t forget to pass the hat around for Comic Relief.


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