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Prettiest pink for the table


paula pryke - prettiest pink table decoration mainBrighten up the winter and bring joy to your table with a burst of fuchsia pink – Paula’s choice of colour for Christmas at home.

You will need

double-sided tape
10 in (25.5cm) plastic bulb bowl
strong elastic band
3 bunches of rosemary
12-14 in (3—35.5cm) silk cord
kitchen knife
2 blocks of flora foam, soaked in cold water 

10 thin taper candles
heavy florists’ wire or wooden skewers
5-7 small apples
1 bunch each ivy berries and viburnum berries
a few leaves
7 burgundy carnations
7 bright pink standard roses
5 bright pink spray roses

paula pryke- prettiest pink pic11. Attach double-sided tape to the outside of the bulb bowl and peel off the protective paper so that it is sticky. Slip the elastic band on top and tuck in the rosemary sprigs working around the bowl. When it’s completely covered, tie the silk cord around the centre of the rosemary. Trim the rosemary and remove the elastic band.

paula pryke - prettiest pink table decoration pict2. Use the kitchen knife to cut the end off one of the blocks of foam, then lay it in the bottom of the bowl. Put the rest of the block on top so that the foam is at least 1 in (2.5m) higher than the edge of the bowl. Cut two further pieces from the second foam block to fill out the container so that it all fits snugly. Push the candles into the foam.

paula pryke - prettiest pink table decoration pict3. Push a long piece of wire through the centre of an apple, bring the two ends of the wire together and twist them around one another three times (You can use a wooden skewer instead of the florists’ wire if you wish). Repeat with the other apples. Set aside.

paula pryke - prettiest pink table decoration4. Cover the foam with berries. Add the leaves, apples, carnations, then the roses. Keep the foam moist and the arrangement should last for several days. (Remember, never leave lit candles unattended)

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