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Stews and casseroles: comfort food for cold days


alan rosenthalTips from a stew expert!

Delia Online’s editor has been cooking masses of wonderful stews (especially Persian chicken with sour cherries and walnuts, her favourite!) from Alan Rosenthal’s book stewed! She asked him for some top tips on cooking the best stews and casseroles.

Ask Alan... 

stew-pic-1-26908Slow stuff

The Slow Movement has made huge inroads in the food world, with people stopping to spend longer preparing and eating their meals. Alacrity was never the problem with stews which can only be made over a long period of time, allowing the meat to melt into tenderness. Delia has some fine examples of wintry sustenance. 

casseroling-09-19881 If your techniques aren’t up to scratch, find out how best to casserole meat and what type of lamb to choose here:

How to casserole meat



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