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Delia Online wins the NetObserver Award for 2013.


The NetObserver Seal of Excellence is award by Harris International, the NASDAQ listed Company well known for the Harris Poll. The award is independently awarded to the website which meets the highest levels of overall satisfaction from users of the site. Also the award measures the likelihood of users recommending the site to friends and family, as well as the likelihood of returning to the site.

Commenting on the award, which Delia Online has won 3 years in succession, Content Manager Noreen Collins said “We are flattered that we have been awarded the NetObserver award, particularly as it is from the participation of our users. We have also had many useful comments and suggestions which will help us to shape the site in the future.”

“We know from our own research that users like the fact that the site is easy to use and helpful to them. The introduction of Delia’s Online Cookery School was seen as something which was of tremendous importance as more people are looking to become better cooks at home”.

Delia Online first won the NetObserver Seal of Excellence in 2011 and has continued to be awarded this prestigious accolade each year since then.

The research data is collected from website users across the UK and they are asked to complete a self completion, detailed questionnaire which looks at their web activity, their geo-demography and how they view Delia Online and other websites they use.

Harris International then look at the critical issues which are most important for any website, and these are the likelihood of a user returning to a website, how likely they are to recommend the site to their friends and the trust which is associated with the website they are using.

On all of these metrics, Delia Online did really well and were awarded the coveted NetObserver award. The NetObserver study is the largest study of its kind and therefore particularly valuable.


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