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Scaling cake recipes up and down
Using Delia's Rich Fruit Cake recipe, here's a handy chart that shows you how to make the cake, round or square, in various sizes, and what ingredients you'lll need.

Sizing chart for a fruit cake 

 balance scales

Easy conversions
Ever agonised over converting American cups to grams? Or want to know what 300ml is in fluid ounces? Our conversion chart will help... 
Cups, ounces, grams, millilitres and more

Our guide to freezing
With a few hard and fast rules, you’ll soon be freezing everything from casseroles to soups and cooked dishes. We tell you how... and provide a handy list of foods that can and cannot be frozen. 
Cool thinking 


Scaling recipes up and down...
This is a very popular subject on our forums, especially when you’re entertaining. We asked the team at Canary Catering to let us into a few secrets from scaling up in multiples of the original recipe, to being careful not to scale up liquids and spices! 
The rules of multiplication

Can’t find crème fraiche?
We know how annoying it can be when you want to make one of Delia’s recipes then realise that you can’t get hold of a key ingredient. Here’s our lowdown of what to use instead...also useful for those of you who are living abroad or nowhere near a supermarket!
Alternative choices


Delia on diets
Many people struggle constantly with diets. But, as Delia says, all food is fine in moderation and a better approach is to rethink what you eat completely. 
Thin thinking


Can’t eat wheat, dairy, nuts or eggs?
If so, you’ll be delighted to read our pages that cater for each of these special diets, with general advice and lists of which of Delia’s 1400 recipes on the site are suitable for you to eat.
Special diets advice

Single servings
Whether for reasons of widowhood, divorce or simply being single, around 30% of households in the UK are now single-person households. For them, it’s pointless buying ready meals or cooking recipes that serve 4: instead, here’s our compilation of Delia’s recipes that will make a feast for one! 
Singularly good...






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