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Frugal Food


What goes around, comes around

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One of Delia’s early books, Frugal Food, was originally published in 1976. Never out of print and because of its popularity, it was reissued in 2008, and now four years later it is as relevant as it was 36 years ago. Written for families who want to eat well on a limited budget, Delia says, “What goes around, comes around. After a period of affluence we are now once again, as in the seventies, facing cutbacks and shortages” If this rings any bells for you and your family we have put together over 80 recipes from Frugal Food, helping get you through to the end of January, particularly if you are recovering from the expense of the Christmas holidays.

The Cheap Charter

peas-19541In her book, Frugal Food, first published in 1976, Delia offers advice to those who want to save money on food while, at the same time, eating well. We have reproduced some of her ideas here, and added a few more money-saving tips.

Delia's advice on frugal cooking

Choose your ingredients wisely

beef-stewing-beef-shin-19392Buy when in season, search out bargains in markets, choose cheaper cuts of meat for stewing or braising, stock up on special offers for the freezer: there's loads you can do to cut your food bill!

Beef – stewing
Beef – braising steak
Butter beans
Cannellini beans
Flageolet beans

Delia's Frugal Recipe Collections

Using the 12 chapters of Delia’s Frugal Food book, we have put together over 80 recipes. Some are from the original book, some from more recent recipes, all using less expensive ingredients. We hope you enjoy browsing them, and if you are one of the hundreds of thousands who bought the original book, we’d love to hear which recipe is your frugal favourite, let us know on our What’s Cooking  forum .

goulash-soup-26084 eggs-in-tray-19457-26422  h2053-fried-herrings-with-o-26611 crunchy-pistachio-coated-drumsticks-26880 

 Luxury Soups

 Eggs and us

Frugal Fish 

Chickens' lib

casseroling-04-19876  liver-veniziana-26738 h1165-toad-in-the-hole01-21339 aubergines 

Forequarter front

Offal – but I like you!

Bangers are beautiful

Cook for victory

noodles-19524 pizzatopfish-21337 lentils-100 sponge-07-19164 

Go with the grain 

Who needs meat 

Quickening pulses 

Back to baking 

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