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Frozen foods are increasingly popular – and lead to less food waste!


sum-fruits01-20165The New Ice Age, the consumer campaign for the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), has continued to demonstrate that not only is frozen food healthy and a quality option for the British consumer but it is eco-friendly, tastes good and creates less household waste.

With support from Government through the Healthy Start voucher scheme (which gives disadvantaged families vouchers to buy fruit and veg) and celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, it is no wonder that frozen food sales are increasing! A research study, commissioned by BFFF in 2010 comparing the cost, taste and waste of frozen and fresh foods and carried out by Manchester Food Research Centre (MFRC) revealed that cooking frozen food creates considerably less wastage and is better value for money than cooking from fresh without compromising on taste. 

The Gourmet Freezer Company (GFC), producers of frozen sauces under The Sauce Kitchen brand, was set up to change the status quo in the freezer and to make the frozen aisle a more exciting place to shop. Its founder, Patrick Limpus, says, “Our pre-occupation with all things ‘fresh’ is wasting valuable food resources which should have been preserved for human consumption rather than being destined for landfill. The Gourmet Freezer Co is driving change and working to widen the profile and appeal of the freezer.”


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