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A 10th anniversary message from Delia and Michael


h3-delia-kitchen1-22624It was not the most auspicious time to be launching a website – 1 March 2001 – with dot com companies all around bombing spectacularly. After the boom of the late 90s, when fantastic price tags were being attached to essentially untried and untested sites, it seemed as if the day of reckoning had arrived.

However, having spent more than a year setting up (we couldn’t call it because that was the domain of a dry cleaners in Arizona, and still is), we were fairly confident that it could weather the storm and went ahead anyway.

Above all we wanted to create a community on-line of cooks and food-lovers and hopefully be of service to them. It’s not up to us say how far we have succeeded in this ambition, but we do know you have voted with your mice – we have now in excess of 1.5 million unique users and a wonderfully flourishing community site. We never tire of reading your recipes: they are a great source of inspiration.

Over the next ten years we will continue to improve deliaonline and to develop the community side of the site. So we want to hear from you. Talk to us, let us know what you want to see, and we will do our best. Meanwhile a huge thank you for your support, loyalty and enthusiasm. God bless.



Delia and Michael. March 2011


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