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70% of mothers now see cooking as a chore!


meat-and-bean-stew_01-25820According to recent research by Schwartz, 70% of mums in the UK now see cooking as a chore, not a pleasure, as they struggle to find ways to feed their families nutritious food without spending ages in the kitchen. One way round this is to use a slow cooker, which allows you to assemble all the ingredients then just leave them to cook while you get on with other things.

The findings showed that up to a third of British mums spend two or more hours preparing the evening meal, but a similar proportion see their family spend 10 minutes or less on eating it. It leaves many mums feeling disillusioned by the whole process of preparing and cooking a meal – not to mention feeling underappreciated for the time spent.

With the ‘Gift of Time’ campaign, Schwartz aim to convince mums to dust off those slow cookers and use Schwartz’s Slow Cookers recipe mixes: Beef & Tomato Casserole, Chicken in Red Wine, Sausage & Bean Casserole, Chicken Curry.

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