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Side dishes: stuffings, sauces and vegetables...


Whether we’re talking about tiny button sprouts with the turkey, brandy butter with just-out-of-the-oven mince pies or a spoonful of Delia’s Christmas chutney with your Boxing Day cheese, it’s worth getting the accompaniments right – and some of them can even be made in advance!

All you need to get it right!

This page encompasses everything from how to make perfect gravy, to recipes for stuffing, vegetables and relishes..

Great accompaniments

Christmas eating is as much about the bit players as it is about the main roles: just think chilled rum sabayon, cranberry relish, chestnut stuffing, braised red cabbage and brandy butter.

Veg out...

What’s it to be: Parmesan-baked parsnips, Brussels sprouts with Riesling and bacon, braised red cabbage with apples or quick-braised celery all fit the bill. Oh, and don’t forget the roasties!

Sweet somethings

From festive fig or cinnamon ice cream to hot punch sauce, Delia has a range of sauces and ice creams that will really come into their own at Christmastime – just what you need with mince pies or Christmas pudding!


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