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Pickles and preserves: in a pickle!


Who doesn’t love pickled onions, Christmas chutney or piccalilli? With Delia’s help you’ll soon have rows of jewel-coloured jars gleaming with promise ready for the festive season. They’d also make great gifts! Here Delia explains the virtues of pickling and preserving.

Preserves for turkey, ham and more...

From posh pickled onions to cranberry confits, mango chutney and spiced pickled pears, this selection of recipes really is the preserve of the rich.

The versatile cranberry!

It’s not just for sauces: Delia’s cranberry recipes encompass everything from relish to rice salad, confits to compotes – and wonderful cranberry and orange one-crust pies.

How to cook preserves

From mincemeat to marmalade, it’s all here, with step-by-step illustrations so you can get it right every time!

Ask Delia...

In our cook’s questions area, there were some interesting queries about preserves, including why you have to use preserving sugar, how long you can keep pickles for and where to store them.


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