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Whether you're making that all-important Christmas cake, batch-baking sausage rolls or potting up preserves to give as gifts or to enjoy with cheeses and cold cut, you'll need the right equipment....

whisks and beaters

Make the best ever cakes...

Whisks, good-quality baking trays, sieves and scales: there are quite a few elements to cover if you’re kitting your kitchen out for cakes! Delia demystifies it all...

Pastry: don’t panic!

pastry brushesMany people seem to think there’s some dark art to making light, buttery pastry, but if you follow Delia’s advice on cutters, rolling pins, scales, sieves and more we promise you can’t go wrong!

Jams and jars

homemade mincemeat

Preserves are really satisfying to make but you do need certain items of equipment to ensure success (plus Delia’s wonderful recipes of course!). Find out more about preserving pans, jars and thermometers here.

Equipment explained: breadmakers, roasting trays, ovens and more...

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